Old electrical wires

Common Electrical Issues in Older Homes

Older homes present a unique set of challenges when it comes to electrical problems. Electrical repairs are commonly needed in older homes since many of them feature aluminum over copper wiring. Aluminum was the electrical wiring material of choice in the 70s due to the increased price of copper. Do you have an electrical issue you’re looking to fix? RCA is here to help fix your electrical issues!

Flickering Lights

 Sometimes a loose or defective bulb will cause a light to flicker, but in an older home, the problem may be more serious. Weaker electrical connections can cause this electrical issue, which can increase the risk of fire. If your home is filled with aluminum and copper wiring held together with incorrect connectors, they will corrode and continue to cause flickering issues. Contact RCA immediately if you are experiencing these issues in your home.

Frequent Bulb Burnouts

 If the bulbs in your home are burning out quickly, there is a possibility it may be caused by excessively high wattage, faulty wiring, or improper circuit wiring, which are all common in an older home.

Dead Outlets

Dead outlets are often caused by tripped circuit breakers, and resetting the breaker may not fix the issue. You could be looking at loose or burned-out connections. Look out for black scorch marks, which is a sign for burned-out outlets. Call your RCA electrician to repair burned out outlets.

Damaged Wiring

 Wiring can deteriorate after many years of continuous use. Aluminum wiring expands and shrinks in response to hot and cold temperatures, resulting in oxidizing and corroding, which will cause overheating and can even start a fire. Improperly installed or old wiring creates dangerous problems such as sparking and hot outlets, so be sure to get yours inspected!

The wiring inside old houses may be out of date, so you want to avoid running constant electricity-hungry appliances, lighting, and electronics. Contact our trusted RCA electricians today to stay on top of all your electrical needs!

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