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Electric Generator Maintenance Tips

Generators are relied on as a backup form of energy when all else fails. They are built to last a long time, but only if they are adequately taken care of and maintained regularly. There are several preventative steps you can take on your own to prevent your generator from breaking down. For the more complex maintenance, you should bring in an expert in the field to ensure your generator runs efficiently and reliably. Neglecting your generator during unused times may leave you without energy when you really need it. Here are a few tips on what you and your electrician can do to keep your generator running smoothly for many years. 

DIY Maintenance 

  • Power on generator occasionally: Compare this tip to driving an unused car every couple of months to keep it running. Generators also need to be started up for 20-30 minutes every three months to keep the battery charged. 
  • Check the oil levels: It is essential to make sure your generator has plenty of oil to ensure it will run efficiently when you need backup power. 
  • Warranty: It may be beneficial to purchase a warranty on your generator to protect yourself from times of failure. Similar to any type of machinery, there is always a chance that your generator will break down. Warranties can end up saving you money in the long run. 

Professional Maintenance 

Generators are intricate pieces of machinery that require professional maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Most generator and electrical companies offer preventative maintenance services. These services include:

  1. Removal and replacement of old parts that may become worn out after time
  2. Inspection of the system and battery 
  3. Regular replacement of fuel and filters 
  4. Troubleshooting equipment 

Generator technicians will come out to provide an overall inspection and testing to make sure the system will provide reliable energy during a power outage. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a situation without power. Regular maintenance will prevent large issues and save you money throughout your generator’s lifetime. 

RCA Maintenance 

Here at RCA generators, we provide several maintenance options that will ensure your machinery’s proper function. Our technicians are also available for 24/7 emergency coverage for times of generator failure. Contact us at 508.428.0449 to discuss a customized solution plan to fit your needs. 


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