Common Generac Generator Questions

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Common Generac Generator Questions

Generac is the leading manufacturer of home backup generators in the industry. They provide a large selection of portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators at an extremely affordable rate. Generac continues to use innovation to bring you a reliable and convenient source of power. RCA is proud to offer Generac products available for installation by our expert team. Here of some commonly asked questions regarding Generac. 

What Promotions Does Generac Have?

Generac runs various promotions such as product discounts, energy savings, and more. Stay up to date with recent promotions on Generac’s website. Check RCA Electric and Generators promotion page for any promotions on installation, maintenance, and repair of your generator. 

What is Generac’s Generator Warranty?

Purchasing a warranty on your generator protects you from repair, maintenance, and new installation costs that you may encounter. You can purchase a 5, 7, or 10-year extended warranty on your Generac generator. The RCA staff will assist you with your Generac warranty claims, scheduling repair, and filing paperwork so you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

What do Generac Generators Run on?

Generac generators are similar to other home standby generators and run on a regular propane fuel tank. You will need to replace the tank depending on the size and run-time of your generator. Most propane tanks will last over 160 hours before they need to be replaced.

What is Generac PWRcell, and How Much Does it Cost? 

Generac has created an innovative way to capture energy from the sun to power your generators. PWRcell combines leading battery power with clean solar energy and intelligent load management to give power to your entire home. Generac’s solar system is a reliable source of energy and is far better for the environment.  PWRcell is proven to lower energy bills and protect your residence from grid failures. Request a quote from RCA to discuss pricing options. 

What is Generac PWRview? 

PWRview is a new way to view data on your home’s energy consumption and solar generation. It gives you an inside view of live power flows and energy costs right at your fingertips that you can check daily. This innovative system lets you analyze all of the data on your smartphone to keep energy bills and spending in check. Generac offers PWRview with the purchase of the PWRcell solar solution or with another generator.

Do Generac Generators Need to be Maintained?

Yes. As with any residential and commercial generator, Generac generators need to be taken care of to ensure proper functioning. You can perform minor maintenance yourself using a Generac maintenance kit or hire a professional to service your generator. Maintenance should be completed every 6- months.

Where Can I Find a Generac Dealer in the US?

Generac dealers are located throughout the United States and Canada. To find a reputable dealer in your area, please refer to the dealer section here on the Generac website.

Get Generac Through RCA

RCA Electric and Generators is happy to provide Generac products to customers throughout Southeast Massachusetts. Our expert technicians will install, repair, or perform routine maintenance on any Generac generator. Give us a call to discuss the best Generac energy solution for you

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