Why You Should Invest In A Residential Backup Generator

Power outages can be an extreme inconvenience, and are especially common in New England with the blizzards, nor’easters, and hurricanes that happen so often here. Generators are extremely important in the winter time in New England so you can ensure that your heat stays on to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. RCA Electric & Generators is proud to be the only Power Pro Premier dealer of Generac across Southeast Massachusetts. Generac is the #1 manufacturer of home backup generators, built for the most demanding climates like that of New England.

Working From Home

In this new day and age where so many of us have begun working from home, backup generators are more important than ever. When your power inevitably goes out during the harsh New England winter, your WiFi will go with it. Going without power and Wifi for even an hour, much less a whole day, can be detrimental to your work or business. A backup generator will ensure that your WiFi stays up and running, and you can work from home in the winter without worry.

Food Spoils Quickly

The FDA recommends that any perishable food should be thrown out once your refrigerator has been without power for 4 hours. With the amount of money that we spend on groceries, even one power outage can be a huge hit to your wallet. 

Hybrid or Electric Cars

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, a power outage can stop you in your tracks from going anywhere. Make sure that you’re able to hit the road no matter what this winter by purchasing an emergency backup generator. 

Electrically Powered Medical Equipment

If you or someone in your family uses an at home medical device that runs on electricity, a long term power outage could be deadly. Backup generators will kick-in right away, making sure that your medical device continues to work. 

Well Water

If your home’s water supply is through a well, your well pump and filtration system likely require electricity to provide safe, clean water to you and your family. Going without clean water can be an extreme inconvenience when you can’t cook or bathe, and can become dangerous if the water you have is undrinkable for an extended period of time. A backup generator will ensure that your well pump stays in working order no matter the weather outside.

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