What Makes Power Outages Dangerous?

When you think of a power outage, you may be picturing a situation where the lights go out for a few minutes, then suddenly come back on, and everything is fine and dandy. While we hope this is the case for everybody who experiences a power outage, the reality is that they can last for days or even weeks on end during storms, especially here in New England, where the weather can be so extreme and unpredictable. This can cause serious problems and dangerous situations when the electricity disappears from your home during the freezing cold Massachusetts winter or the blazing hot summer. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things that can put you at risk during an extended power outage! 


While we’re all pretty familiar with the minor inconveniences a power outage can bring, things can get a lot more serious when the power goes out for an extended period of time. One of the biggest concerns of a power outage in New England is a home’s heating system. If you have an electric furnace or heater, a prolonged power outage can plummet your home’s temperature during the freezing wintertime. This can be extremely dangerous for families, especially if snow or ice prevents you from leaving your home. Freezing temperatures in your home can also lead to frozen pipes and bursts, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage!

Air Conditioning

Similar to a heating issue, temperatures in New England can be sweltering in the summer. During power outages, central AC and window units will completely stop working, meaning the temperature in your home will rise much faster than expected. While this typically is less of an issue than heating because no snow or ice is preventing you from leaving your home, prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can lead to heatstroke and other health risks. If you find yourself caught in a power outage during the summer, be sure to open all windows and draw your curtains in an effort to keep temperatures down.

Food & Water

One more dangerous scenario that can come with a power outage is a lack of access to food and clean water. The power going out means that electric stoves, refrigerators, and all other electric appliances will be useless. This can cause a dangerous scenario when you’re trapped at home during a winter storm. With frozen pipes and an inadequate bottled water supply, water that’s suitable for drinking can also run out quickly. Power loss in your refrigerator and freezer can also cost you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, as a fridge will typically only stay cold for about four hours!

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