How Often Should My Generac Generator Be Serviced?

Generac generators are permanently installed backup generators that provide power to your home during a power outage. Generac generators run on natural gas or liquid propane and are installed outside of a home. Having a Generac generator is a great safety net for your family during storms, but they need to be maintained properly to be most effective. Generac standby generators should ideally be serviced by a maintenance professional at least once per year. RCA Electric & Generators is the leading provider for sales, installation, and maintenance of Generac generators in the Southeastern Massachusetts area! Continue reading below to learn more about Generac generator maintenance straight from the experts! 

Air Filter

The air filter of your Generac generator should be checked by a Generac maintenance professional at least once per year. The generator’s air filter will get dirty, just like the air filter in a house or vehicle. When it comes time for your generator’s yearly maintenance, the service technician will check to see if the filter is dirty enough that light is struggling to come through. If this is the case, it’s time for the air filter to be replaced. The exact lifespan of a Generac generator air filter depends on your climate and how often the generator is used. 


The oil in your Generac generator should be changed by a maintenance professional once a year. In most cases, your generator should get an oil change before the winter weather hits. At RCA Electric & Generators, our generator maintenance team will change your generator’s oil at each regular service appointment. Generac also recommends changing the oil filter every time the oil is changed. Failing to change the oil in your standby generator can cause the engine to run harder, seize, or not start at all – a problem you don’t want to run into when a storm hits. 

Spark Plugs 

Generac generator spark plugs will be checked during your generator’s yearly service appointment. A generator’s spark plug may need to be replaced depending on the condition that it is in. Some common signs of a faulty spark plug include a generator that’s idling hard, an engine misfire, and poor fuel economy. Generac maintenance professionals will check the spark plugs for signs of corrosion. If they notice that the spark plug isn’t shiny and clean, it will likely be replaced. Spark plug servicing will be scheduled as part of your maintenance plan with a Generac service provider like RCA Electric & Generators!

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