How Long Can A Backup Generator Continuously Run?

How Long Can A Backup Generator Continuously Run?

How Long Can A Backup Generator Continuously Run?

If you’re considering investing in a standby generator for your home or business, you may be wondering about the length of time that a generator can run continuously in a situation where the utility power is out for days or weeks on end. While not all generators are created equal, RCA Electric & Generators provides customers with residential and commercial generators from Generac that are designed to run for approximately 3,000 hours. With typical usage and proper maintenance, a Generac automatic standby generator can provide backup power to your home or business for 30+ years! Because there are several factors that can affect a generator’s performance, there is no concrete answer for the question of how long a permanent backup generator can continuously run; however, it is recommended that you don’t run your generator for more than 500 hours a time.

Factors That Affect Generator Run Time

The two primary factors that affect the amount of time a generator can continue to run are the generator type and fuel source. Standby generators have significantly longer lifespans and run-time capabilities than portable generators. Most portable generators can only run for about 2,000 hours for their whole lifespan and are designed to continuously run for shorter amounts of time: usually anywhere from 6 to 18 hours straight. As mentioned above, permanent backup generators have much longer total lifespans and continuous run-time capabilities. Generac standby generators are specifically designed to provide approximately 3,000 hours of use with continuous run times of up to 500 hours.

The fuel source that a generator uses is the other significant factor that can affect its continuous run-time capabilities. Portable generators typically run on gasoline, which means they can only run for as long as the gasoline in the tank lasts. In contrast, Generac permanent backup generators run on a home’s liquid propane or natural gas supply, meaning you won’t have to continuously worry about the generator’s fuel level during a power outage. While permanent backup generators can run for up to 500 hours at a time, it’s important to check the oil every 72 hours, as contaminated oil can lead to engine failure and expensive repairs.

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