Everything You Need To Know About Maintenance For Generac Generators

Everything You Need To Know About Maintenance For Generac Generators

Maintenance services for Generac home standby generators will ensure that your generator will work without a hitch the next time you need it! Like with a car or any other machine with a complex engine, your generator needs routine maintenance in order to keep it running efficiently and reliably. Here at RCA Electric & Generators, our generator maintenance specialists provide customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts with annual & semi-annual maintenance plans! In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we get about maintenance services for Generac backup generators!

How Often Does My Generac Generator Need To Be Serviced?

Generac backup generators require maintenance to ensure that they are in good working condition when a power outage occurs! Generac recommends that you have your generator serviced by an authorized Generac dealer every six to twelve months. RCA Electric & Generators is the only Power Pro Premier dealer across Southeast Massachusetts, a designation that means we uphold Generac’s standard of excellence in sales and customer service. Our generator maintenance specialists have the highest credentials and are factory trained in all the Generac equipment they install & service! We offer both annual and semi-annual maintenance plans along with 24/7 LIVE coverage during a power loss!

What Services Are Included In An Annual Generator Maintenance Plan?

RCA Electric & Generators annual (1 visit per year) maintenance plans include the following for 10kW-26kW Air Cooled Generac home standby generators:

  • Replace oil & filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check hoses for leakage & pliability
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Check unit for fuel or oil leakage
  • Check and adjust fan & governor belts
  • Check and adjust engine valves
  • Service battery: clean post, check voltage
  • Check charging rate of battery charger
  • Replace battery if necessary (additional charge)
  • Check AC voltage
  • Check engine speed/frequency
  • Inspect for rodent infestation, clean & seal pipes/holes to prevent re-infestation (additional charge may apply)
  • Test safety shut downs
  • Wipe down enclosures & engine compartment
  • Submit inspection report on invoice
  • Leave unit in “auto” position

We also provide our maintenance agreement customers with 24/7 emergency coverage during a power outage! 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Generac Standby Generator?

The life expectancy of a Generac backup generator is determined by a couple factors: how many hours your generator has been run for, and how often maintenance is performed on your generator. Generac generators engines typically last for around 3,000 hours of use, and when properly maintained, these automatic standby generators can provide service for 30 years or more! 

Contact RCA Electric & Generators!

If you have any additional questions about Generac backup generator maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team at RCA Electric & Generators provides sales, installation, and maintenance services for Generac residential & commercial generators in Southeastern Massachusetts! Contact us today by giving us a call at (508) 428-0449 or by filling out the contact form on our website!

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