Generac Air Cooled Vs. Liquid Cooled Generators: What’s The Difference?

Generac Air Cooled Vs. Liquid Cooled Generators: What’s The Difference?

Generac Air Cooled Vs. Liquid Cooled Generators: What's The Difference?

Generac automatic standby generators are essential assets for homes in regions with extreme & unpredictable weather, like coastal New England. These generators provide electricity to homes during power outages, powering essential appliances like electric heat, air conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, medical equipment, electric stoves, computers, and much more. There are two main categories of Generac automatic standby generators: air cooled and liquid cooled generators. In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between these two types of generators to help you determine which is best for your home or business! If you are a resident of Southeastern Massachusetts that is looking into a standby generator for your home, contact RCA Electric & Generators today!

Generac Air Cooled Generators

Generac’s air cooled generators use the air surrounding the unit to cool its engine. The unit has a fan that forces air inside and blows it over the engine, cooling it off and preventing overheating. Typically, air-cooled generators that range from 8 to 22 kilowatts are air cooled, while larger standby generators are liquid cooled. Generac recently added both a 24kw and 26kw to their air-cooled line. These are the largest air-cooled generators on the market today!

Generac Liquid Cooled Generators

Generac’s liquid cooled generators are, as the name suggests, cooled by liquid rather than air. These generators use radiator systems for cooling, similar to a vehicle. A pump distributes coolant to the engine block where it absorbs heat, then back through the radiator where the coolant is cooled off again. Liquid cooled generators are quieter than their air cooled counterparts, and are typically used for larger homes and businesses, with generator sizes ranging from 25 to 60 kilowatts. Liquid cooled generators are typically used for larger homes and commercial spaces, like stores, restaurants, offices, and industrial spaces.

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