Benefits Of Upgrading The Electrical Panel In Your Home

Benefits Of Upgrading The Electrical Panel In Your Home

Benefits Of Upgrading The Electrical Panel In Your Home

If your home has an old and outdated electrical panel, it may be time for an upgrade, as older electrical panels can lead to problems like frequently blown fuses, sparking outlets, flickering lights when plugging in or powering on appliances, and even more serious problems like the potential for fire outbreaks. Additionally, older homes with their original electrical panels may not be up to code, putting your home and your family at risk. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the benefits that come with upgrading the old electrical panel in your home to a modern one! If you have any questions about electrical panels or are a homeowner in the Southeastern Massachusetts region that is considering an electrical panel upgrade, contact our team at RCA Electric & Generators today!

Safety & Code Compliance

One of the primary benefits of upgrading the electrical panel in your house is that installing a new, up-to-code electrical panel will reduce the risk of fires, sparking outlets, and other problems that could potentially harm you or your family. If you notice that your current electrical panel is warm to the touch or is giving off a burning smell, it’s essential to replace it as soon as possible, as failing circuit breakers can cause house fires. Even if your old electrical panel is not actively causing problems, an upgrade may still be a good idea to ensure your home complies with the latest electrical codes and regulations.

Electrical Performance & Compatibility With Modern Appliances

Another benefit of upgrading the electrical panel in your home (that we’ll mention in this article) is improved electrical performance, allowing your electrical system to be compatible with modern appliances and smart home technologies. Due to the power requirements of modern appliances, outdated electrical panels may not work with them, resulting in inefficiencies and potential damage to those new appliances. Additionally, upgrading your electrical panel will allow you to install features in your home like electric vehicle chargers, heat pump systems, smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart security systems, and other smart home technologies (some offering rebates) that may not be possible with an old electrical panel.  These upgrades can also result in an increased home value, creating another opportunity for a return on your investment in a new electrical panel installation!

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