Barnstable, Massachusetts

RCA Electric and Generators has been serving the residents and businesses of Barnstable for many years. Barnstable has the largest land area and population in all of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The extreme seasons that come along with living in Barnstable require a reliable source of backup energy for all residential and commercial properties. We partner closely with Generac, the leader in affordable standby generators. Contact the experts at RCA at 508.428.0449 for all generator and electrical services throughout Barnstable County and Cape Cod. 

Our professionals are here to assist with the following services:

Generators in Barnstable, MA

In order to prepare your residence or business for big storms throughout Barnstable, you should have generators that you can count on. The residential generators that RCA offers will keep your home energy alive even through extreme weather conditions. Power outages can be detrimental to running a smooth business operation. Our commercial generators are meant to power larger buildings and machinery. The RCA contractors are here to help you prepare for the unexpected!

Electrical Service in Barnstable, MA

Our licensed electricians offer all electrical service jobs to the homeowners and businesses in the Barnstable area. A few of the services include electrical maintenance, repair and upgrade, outdoor and indoor lighting, and more! Our electricians also offer electrical for new construction and remodeling jobs. Contact us today for a quote on your next electrical service!