Protect your investment with
a Generac extended warranty

In the long run, it’s much more expensive to repair your automatic home standby generator than to keep it under warranty. When you have a Generac warranty, our licensed technicians provide prompt service.

Here’s how it works.

If there’s an issue with your generator, our experienced office staff will manage all aspects of warranty claims, from scheduling a technician for repair of generator to completing and filing all the paperwork.

RCA is an Authorized Power Pro Premier Generac Dealer

That means we can provide warranty service for your Generac generator. We can also help you purchase and apply a five-, seven- or ten-year extended warranty for your Generac generator —even if you didn’t purchase your system through us. 

Important warranty information

  • Extended warranty begins on the generator purchase date, NOT the purchase date of the extended warranty.

It’s in your best interest to have an extended warranty

Does yours qualify? It’s easy to find out. Simply call 508-428-0449 to talk to our service department. Or email us. When you reach out, please have the serial number of your generator handy. You’ll find it printed in the generator enclosure.

Generac Standard Warranty

YEARS ONE and TWO – Limited comprehensive coverage on mileage, labor and parts.
YEAR THREE – Limited comprehensive coverage on parts.
YEARS FOUR and FIVE – Limited comprehensive coverage on engine (short block) and alternator (rotor and stator) parts only.

Contact us to learn more about our warranty service.

Warranty Request

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