Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Home Backup Generators

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Home Backup Generators

What is a Home Backup Generator?

A home backup generator is an alternate power source for your home that automatically starts up when the primary power source goes out. A backup generator will automatically turn on within 30-60 seconds of a power outage and begin supplying power to your home’s circuit breaker box. Once the primary power source comes back on, the backup generator will automatically shut down after a cool down cycle. Backup generators will ensure your home & family’s safety and security during storms and grid outages!

What Advantages Do Automatic Generators Have Over Portable Generators?

Generac automatic backup generators have a number of advantages over portable generators. One of the most significant advantages of an automatic generator is that they are just that: automatic. You’ll avoid the headache of setting up a portable generator outside your home, filling it with expensive gasoline, and running extension cords throughout your house. Another advantage of an automatic generator is that it will provide power to your home whether you’re there or not. This can save you hundreds of dollars by keeping your critical appliances running, no matter where you are. One more advantage to note, although there are many more, is that automatic generators are significantly less expensive to run using your natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply than portable generators that run on gasoline.

Do Automatic Generators Need To Be Serviced?

Generac automatic backup generators typically require maintenance services at least once per year. These maintenance services include oil, air filter, and spark plug replacements to ensure that your home backup generator will be working perfectly when you need it the most. Here at RCA Electric & Generators, we provide these annual maintenance services for Generac generators in Southeastern Massachusetts!

What Does The Yellow Light On My Generator Mean?

The yellow light on a Generac home backup generator is a factory set maintenance reminder light. If the light is partially yellow and partially green, it means that the generator is ready to run, but it is time for yearly maintenance. You can be sure that your Generac backup generator is all set for the next power outage by looking for the “Ready To Run” message on your Generac Mobile Link app!

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